Dog Behaviour Consultation

When it comes to a behaviour modification plan, each dog is different as is each situation and the dog's background.

I came across these challenges, when I adopted two rescue dogs. Nala, a 7 months old Bernese Mountain Dog was very fearful; shy and always hiding. She would not let any strangers touch her for several months. Maddy, on the other hand, a 6 months old Northern dog had never learned anything, since she had lived outdoors and had to fend for herself. She was very reactive and leash aggressive.

I had my work cut out for me. It took some time but with the help of my Husky mix Loki, the 3 amigos get along great now and have become inseparable. I can take all 3 dogs for a walk and they enjoy their weekly trip to the leash free dog park.
Positive Puppy Training Graduate

When I sit down with you for the assessment, all family members, that live in the home need to be present. I will ask a lot of questions about your dog and his/her behaviour issue(s).

I will then put together a customized step by step treatment plan for your dog and your family. Two prepaid sessions are required; if additional sessions are necessary, it's "pay as you go".

I use gentle, force free methods and with patience and consistency you will see results very quickly.

Please go to my testimonial page and also watch the Youtube videos, specifically the one titled "Ripley accepting Loki in her home". This video was taken after only 2 behaviour modification sessions.

" For the love of your dog, contact me today "

Note: If you have adopted your dog from a shelter, humane society, or a rescue group you will receive a 10% discount.

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