July 2017

July 2017
Thank you for teaching us how to train Sophie! She is showing improvement in the areas of less jumping up and nipping. We are having more fun with her and she loves rewards for lessons learned. We appreciate all your time, printed tips, and guidelines, and patience!

Stacey and David H.

May 2017

May 2017
Thank you Silke so much for your dedication and professionalism. Your patience and fun training environment made each session truly enjoyable. We gained so much from the Level 2 training course and so did Macie! It has made a huge difference to all of us. Your training methods and guidance have enabled us to to continue training our little Macie. We truly believe your training sessions have resulted in a remarkable improvement in Macie’s behaviour.

Heather and Todd

January 2017

January 2017
Silke was very patient and calm with my exuberant pooch, and helped us teach him how to nicely greet people without leaping all over them. A success!

Kelly S.

December 2016

Silke came and helped us with our 2 huskies. One is 2 years old, and the other,who is a rescue, is 1 year old. I can’t say enough great things about her training style! She is a very positive and knowledgeable trainer and has given us such great information and tactics on how to train our dogs. Absolute phenomenal service and worth every dollar spent! We are so excited our rescue dog has finally started to come out of his shell ever since we’ve used Silke’s services. Thanks again so much Silke, we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Jennifer K. and Tanner F.

November 2015

Wendy with my dog Loki and Ripley
After a year of frustration and worry with our little dog we are finally seeing real change. Thanks to Silke Le Messurier of Pet Me Please our Lt. Ellen Ripley is learning to trust other people and dogs. After only a few sessions her anxiety level is much less, the barking and lunging have diminished and obedience is better observed. She is even learning to play!

Her confidence level is up and she is meeting new situations with eagerness instead of fear. It is a joy to see. We strongly recommend Silke's methods for a happier dog. We wish we called her sooner!

Wendy and Cliff L.

January 2015

Dear Silke,

... Pet Me Please puppy classes not only taught our dog Soho, but it also showed us how to train at home. We love the use of the clicker training, and have found it to be quite effective, simple and a fun way to train Soho. Silke is very thorough in her positive training, providing us with notes from each lesson so we can continue to practice , as well as training charts to help mark Soho’s progress. We are very impressed with how quickly Soho learned to respond to our commands and how well behaved Soho is now. Silke has also been a great resource for us when it comes to information on training tips, understanding behaviour , and even when it comes to Soho’s health . Silke has such a warm, energetic and kind presence. It is no wonder why Soho loves her so much...

Lorraine G.

December 2013

Dear Silke,

Thank you for your suggestions regarding our temporary foster dog Venus – it made it so much easier for my Son to control her on walks; Thanks to your advice on distracting Venus while another dog is passing; Eye to eye contact and maintaining her in a "sit" position and rewarding her once the dog passed. This helped to ensure that Venus did not get into a predatory frame of mind and stayed sitting until the reward was given. It was important advice to be aware of her body signals, to make sure to read her and stop the reaction just before she got into the negative mind frame. It seemed to keep her calm and even at home she no longer needed to chase after the cat. As long as Venus's new family continues to use these techniques, we are certain that she is on the right path to rehabilitation from her predatory desire to chase after other animals. She is friendly and smart – and can learn a lot with the proper advice.

Petra G.

September 2013

"I have been so lucky to have Silke as a neighbour. Silke dropped by one day to practice her training. Within 10 minutes she had our cairn terrier puppy, Haggis, responding to SIT – DOWN – STAND. I learned, too. I continue to work with our puppy. He is now able to respond to hand signals alone. Silke's calm and gentle nature influences all participating humans and animals. It is a positive experience for all."

Katrina M.

July 2013

Dear Silke,

It has been my great pleasure to have you observe and assist with my Tuesday night puppy class and your help and encouragement was greatly appreciated not only by myself but by the students. Your encouragement will inspire them to continue to work with their dogs and show them that they can make great strides if they are patient and consistent.
You have a great affinity for dogs yourself, and you communicate well with people. I hope that you will continue working towards learning all you can about dogs so that your efforts will motivate their owners to improve the lives of their pets through positive training .
Thank you again !

Pam C.

October 2010

"We have been using the services of Pet Me Please for over 5 years. Silke first started looking after our original cats that were quite old at the time . Her experience working as a veterinary assistant was one of the key factors that helped us decide to use her service. The cats eventually needed medication and we were very confident in her abilities to look after them in our absence . The cats took to Silke immediately and we never had any indication of anxiety on our return. She now looks after our 3-year old cats ; one of them is timid with strangers. He is quite at ease with Silke and does not hide as he does whenever we have company in the house. We have recommended Silke's services to our friends and they rave about her as well. "

John and Stasia M.

September 2010

"We have been using dog walking and pet-sitting services from Silke at "Pet Me Please" for approximately two years and are very satisfied with the services she offers. Our 2 dogs immediately took to Silke and are obviously very happy and comfortable when she cares for them. She has been most helpful in bringing any concerns or problems they may have to our attention and shows a genuine affection for them that is reassuring . We have used other sitters in the past and have found Silke to be highly capable and professional. She also provides the added benefit of being flexible regarding our schedules and understanding of the dogs' unique requirements. In my opinion, Silke offers a superior service for pet owners at very reasonable rates. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other colleagues and friends with pets.

Kirsten C.

December 2007

Silke, ...

Thank you for being you! I know Maverick enjoys you so much, and we cannot express the gratitute we have for your personal touch with our "puppy"! We know he is safe and in loving care when with you. We hope you will continue wanting to care for Maverick in years to come. All the best in 2008!

Christine and Mark L.

March 2006

"I can not recommend Silke and Pet Me Please enough. Silke has been walking Sawyer, our almost 9 year old Golden Retriever , since the spring of 2004. Our plan was really to hire a dog walker for just a few months , yet here we are close to 2 years later and wouldn't dream of making any changes . In addition to getting Sawyer exercised 3x per week, Sawyer gets to socialize with other dogs as she is very friendly and loves to play. I appreciate Silke's commitment to the care of her clients' dogs as she lets us know if there are any behaviour or wellness problems observed. Silke is professional, responsible, and she genuinely cares for Sawyer."

Allison H.

July 2005

Dear Silke,

Thank you so much for taking care of Nicky and Tasha for me while I was on vacation. You did a super job! They were so content upon my arrival home, I could tell they were well cared for.

Anne T.

April 2005

"I would like to say how much my two cats Boo and Riley enjoy Silke's visits and always do well in her care. I have one special needs cat Riley, who, due to a urinary tract disease must be on a special diet, therefore can not be free fed. Silke is very good at accomodating this need by visiting my boys twice a day. When Silke is watching my precious babies, I have no need to worry; she takes very good care of them and I can see it in the way they come and see her when she comes to the door."

Debra H.

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